Happy 4th of July!  And, a big thank you to all our military and military families.

My birthday was a few days ago and it has been great. First of all, I had a story accepted by Apeiron Review.  Very exciting, but especially because I met the editors at AWP Boston and I’m so happy to place my work with them AND because the story is about my stage in life — finding space to accommodate the demands of being a mother and the demands of being an artist.  So.  Very good news that “Fusion” will be coming out in late August/early September.

Also, one of items on my wish list was to visit the Anasazi/Ancient Puebloan sites in New Mexico and Colorado. I took a road trip with my family and it was just as I imagined.  The pithouses and the cliff dwellings with the toe holds and the ladders…the ceremonial kivas and the small hole in the floor to represent the emergence into the fourth world.




My internet connection is terrible (I’m at a KOA outside of Mesa Verde in Colorado), so no more pictures for now, but I wish everyone a wonderful summer and many happy journeys.