Upcoming Events 2022

I’m excited to share that I have two new short stories coming out in anthologies soon:

“Swan Dive” is a retelling of the Zeus and Leda myth, but told from her point of view. Leda was the mother of Castor and Pollux, Clytemnestra and Helen of Troy. She FINALLY gets her own story.

“An Excuse, An Invitation Even”, a retelling of Orpheus meeting Eurydice, if he were a traveling musician in the 1850’s American Wild West and Eurydice was a rider for the Pony Express.

I also have some appearances scheduled:

Balticon 56 at the Renaissance Hotel in Baltimore over Memorial Day weekend (May 27th-30th).

Shore Leave at the Delta Hotel in Hunt Valley from July 15-17th.

FrightReads Book Festival at the Benfield Sports Center in Millersville, MD on Oct. 1st.


Next week I’ll have some exciting book news!!!!

Stay healthy and keep reading and writing!



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