Happy 2023!

Well, closing out 2022 was a wild ride, wasn’t it? Most people know that I’ve separated into two people…at least for writing purposes. I’ll keep my name for traditional publishing — such as the children’s book Postcards from a City of Monsters – coming out in fall of 2023 from Improbable Press.

For The Misbegotten Series, published by my imprint MudHouse Publishing, I’m using the name Searby Gray — an homage to my grandmother who passed away during the summer.

This being two people caused some confusion with a giant bookseller who didn’t seem to understand pen names and blocked my first book in the series (originally Walking Through Fire but now FLAMES OF A FALLING GOD.

The e-book is now available for sale; the print version is coming soon.

If you want to hear more about the saga of starting my own imprint and using a pen name, I had an in-depth interview with Rich Bennett from Harford County Living.

Conversations with Rich Bennett – https://conversationswithrichbennett.com/

Direct Link – Walking Through Fire To Flames Of A Falling God Create Ashes Of Regret (buzzsprout.com)

Apple – https://apple.co/3Qn33RF

Spotify – https://apple.co/3CtGbKB

Goodpods – https://goodpods.app.link/6HvfYaTAfub

The podcast can also be found on several other platforms…go to https://harfordcountyliving.buzzsprout.com/share

I will be at Farpoint in February and will have paperback copies of both Flames of a Falling God and Ashes of Regret.

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